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"The future is already here's just not distributed very evenly."

William Ford Gibson

We started Digital Knights because we’ve been burned by tech partners before.

It doesn’t feel good to be let down when trying to build a digital product, yet it happens all the time. The tech resource world is simply too noisy and too difficult to navigate, so we decided to reverse-engineer it to take away the uncertainty and disappointment as best we could.

We knew top-quality tech teams were out there, so we decided to find them. If we built a network of partners guaranteed to be trustworthy and reliable, we could then distribute them confidently to those in need of capable tech resources. And that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.

The people behind Digital Knights are international entrepreneurs and creatives alike, all of whom share an excitement for being on the leading edge of innovation. We love watching new technologies develop, and connecting great ideas to talented partners allows us to witness a glimpse of the future before it arrives.

Our Philosophy

Due diligence is the future

...and the future is now. Proper vetting procedures save recruitment time, lower overhead costs, minimize project failures, and remove uncertainties.

The right team is everything

A successful project needs more than just a technical skills match. We ensure that our pairings have a culture fit, compatible communication styles, similar work habits, and complementary experience levels.

Tech talent can be found anywhere

We live in a digital era. This means that means outsourcing (if done right) can give you access to the best available talent, no matter where it is. And, by pre-screening the talent, we can get rid of the headaches that often make outsourcing taboo.

Great teams deserve great projects

It cuts both ways. Only 7% of software development companies applying to our network are successful, meaning the ones that made it are the real deal. The idea of providing these partners with mundane projects is not very exciting to us, and even less appealing to them.

A solid team beats an army of freelancers

Recruiting a mixed bag of strangers to create a composite unit is risky, especially when building a digital project. Besides being painfully time consuming, a team built from scratch is no match against a team with existing execution strategies and years of work together.

Quality matters

In the tech world, you get what you pay for—at least you hope you do. We've heard too many stories of tech partners over-promising and under-delivering. That won't fly here. If you don't find a project team in our network to fill your needs, we won't let you pay for it.

Keilian Knudsen


Prags Mugunthan


Our Advisors

Martin Grimsehl


Martin is a tech advisor, startup mentor, and the authority for tech due diligence in DACH.

Along with lecturing at several universities, Martin performs in-depth tech strategy assessments for some of the largest investors in Germany.

Roger Larsen


Roger is a serial technology entrepreneur and business leader from Norway with 20 years of experience within the Education and Internet industries.

Roger sits on the board of roughly 10 companies, with expertise in strategy, business development and internationalization.

Lasse Hamre


Lasse is the Executive Vice President of Engineering / Technology for iHeartMedia, overseeing the teams responsible for platforms and infrastructure.

Prior to iHeartRadio, Lasse was the EVP of Technology for Thumbplay, and he has been working in the media/technology space since 2001.

Niklas Persson


Niklas, former Director of Strategy for Alevo, is a specialist in the field of business models and business modeling.

Coming from a background in finance, Niklas is currently working on a new Cleantech venture and advising startups.

Martin Bell


Martin Bell runs Bell Ventures, which enables corporate "launchpads" -- incubators, accelerators, or company builders -- to turn their innovative ideas into successful startups.

Martin previously worked for Rocket Internet SE, where he helped build 50 companies. There he was Chief Architect of Rocket’s 100-day launch process that enables companies to leapfrog from idea to “go-live”

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