Ambassador Program

Be Your Own Boss

Ambassadors have nearly unlimited potential at Digital Knights to address the world’s growing demand for tech help. Take advantage by addressing the emerging markets still untapped by Digital Knights and reap the benefits on your own schedule.

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Program image

Make Intros, Earn Cash

Earn at least €1000 in commission each time a project moves from ambassador introduction to reality. Depending on involvement, each ambassador deal can pay out even more in continuous kickbacks.

Develop Marketing Skills

Ambassadors work closely with the Digital Knights team to develop and transform the company’s overall marketing strategy. Get hands-on experience with regular feedback to refine skill sets, as well as the opportunity to represent Digital Knights at key events in major cities.

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"The Digital Knights value proposition is what I find so fair and attractive. It's incredibly easy to approach tech companies with such an opportunity when positive impacts and industry improvements are evident."

— Nikola, DK Ambassador, Serbia

"Working with DK as an ambassador has been an engaging and challenging way to get handsomely rewarded. Once people get the idea that something like Digital Knights exists, the rest takes care of itself."

— Michael, DK Ambassador, Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements?
    A solid, can-do attitude and a knack for creating connections and knocking on doors.
  • In what cities can I apply?
    You can be a Digital Knights ambassador from anywhere in the world. When it comes to your target markets, major cities are probably better choices than the south pole ;)
  • What technical knowledge do I need?
    You don’t need developer experience per se, but understanding how our business and processes work is definitely a necessity. We’ll help you with that.
  • How do I start?
    Submit your email and we’ll set up a meeting to get acquainted and assess a potential ambassador partnership.

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